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Basel Airport Transfer – The Must Read Page 2019

Welcome to our website Basel Port Transportation and of course also to our service we launched 2 years before Basel Airport Transfer. The easiest way would be to offer only our services on this page and to hope you will make a booking:) but all other companies do the same thing, they offer their services and prices but how can the costumer know which transfer from Basel airport they should book? Yes, that is the most important question when you search for services specially when you from abroad.

Usefull information about Basel Airport Transfer

Thirst of all a thing which makes the EuroAirport Basel Mulhouse Freiburg airport so unique, that is the only one airport in the world splitted in to 2 countries, Switzerland and France. There are 1 Terminal on each airport side. When you arrive at the Basel EuroAirport and you booked a Basel airport transfer with a Swiss company you have to follow the Swiss flag for the Swiss exit and of course if you booked a transfer from Basel airport with a French transportation company you have to follow the French flag for the right exit. It can happen that you take the wrong exit but no worries walk back to the arrival hall take the elavator to the check in halls, in the check in halls you can walk from the Swiss side to the French side and vice versa without showing your passport, legal and take again the alavator down to the right arrival hall.

Private Basel Airport Transfer – The easiest way from Basel Airport

We are a Swiss transportation company and we will show what for options you have to travel from the Swiss side. The EuroAirport Basel Mulhouse Freiburg airport is not connected with any train, the only one public transportation option is to take the bus nr. 50, that is a green bus departing outside the arrivals, next to the bus station you have a ticket machine, you can buy the tickets with a few swiss francs, the costs depends on how far you want to go. One of the other options is to rent a car at Basel airport but we think this option we don`t have to explain because it`s always the same, you walk to the rent a car company desks and rent your prefered car but what if you travel with a group and lots of luggage may be 1, 2 hours from Basel airport or further that will be a think to organise before you arrive at EuroAirport Basel, here comes our Basel Airport Transfer service and helps with all your travel needs, that is for sure the best and easiest way to travel to or from the Basel airport, we can accommodate up to 7 people per private transfer. Get in touch with us now and send us your request, we are here to help with all your transportation needs to and from the Basel EuroAirport.

Other Private Basel Airport Transfer Options

  1. Basel Airport Taxi
  2. Limo Service
  3. Private Car Service
  4. Coach companies


  1. At Basel Airport you will find your EuroAirport Basel taxi right in front of the arrivals outside, the french taxis on the french side and the swiss taxis on the swiss side.
  2. Limo service Basel EuroAirport, if you want a luxury private travel this option with a private limo service is the right address, Basel airport limo companies offers luxury first class services with limousines and licenced driver.
  3. A car service from Basel airport is the right solution if you want a transportation service from A to B at reasonable rates and great service but you have to find out which one is it, just get in touch with us.
  4. A coach company is the right partner for bigger groups up to 49 passengers, Basel Port Transportation works with 2 reliable coach companies in Basel and if you need that service just drop us an email and we will send you the contact details.